Thursday, September 11, 2014

Paxton turns 8

This is a milestone, my baby turning 8!  Paxton has chosen to be baptized and that will happen this coming weekend.  We are all pretty excited.  I just love this kid so much.  He is still totally down for snuggling and tells me I'm beautiful a few times a week.  He melts my heart with his sweetness.  He is very funny, mostly when he's not trying to be.  He is kind and considerate of others and always tries to do the right thing.  Sometimes being an eight year old boy gets in the way of that though.

Phoebe turns 10

Our baby girl is now in the double digits. She is very lovey and sweet and likes to talk...a lot.  Give her an ear, and she'll give you two hours of conversation easy. She loves our new puppy Daphne very much, but still misses Penny every day. She is sassy and dramatic, but we are working on that. She is growing up so fast it's shocking.  We love her to pieces and couldn't imagine our family without her.  

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Paxton's Pre-School Graduation

In June Paxton graduated from Lil Scholar's Academy.  Our good friend Sara Davis runs the pre school and our other dear friend Shalynn Budden was Paxton's teacher.  

He had a great experience at this pre-school.  He learned all his letter sounds and blending.  He even learned how to read several beginner books.  He made some great friends, and had a very positive learning experience!

Disney Land 2012

Here are some pictures of our Disneyland trip.  We went at the end of February with Nana & Papa and had such an amazing week!  We spent six days at the park and an evening at Mid evil Times.  What a great time we had, and such fun memories were made!

                     Phoebe was picked to fight Darth Maul in the "Star Wars Academy"!

We were able to meet up with our best friends the Hewlett's and have so much fun and cutting, eating, and laughing at "Toy Story Mania"!  Good times :)

            We even got Papa on "Splash Mountain"!  Fun fun times :)  We can't wait to go back!