Tuesday, October 21, 2008


So I just spent the last hour on yearbookyourself.com. It is the funniest thing, I have seen in a long time. I dare you to not do it.

Bare with me here, Ilike to keep this in couples where possible. He goes to a right handed barber, and I go to a left handed barber.

I can't get a date to the sock hop, on account of my right eyelash is freakishly long, and I have combination skin...so sad:(

I just think I look cute in these.

Nice cute 60's do. Very Jackie O.

Hey sistah Soul sistah, let me hear ya flow sistah

I'm lovin the shirt and the feathers.

This is awesome! I think Jason peed his pants. And Chris had this hair cut in his senior pictures...heee.

So are you thinking it too, I should really go blonde.

Hold that thought...these dark curls are looking pretty tight. I really look like my sister Bonnie here.

Don't be hatin on the "Crimmper". I can do your banges too if you like.

I think we've found the perfect couple for our "Breck shampoo add".

Saving the best for last...back off ladies he's ALL mine. Big Pappa;). Now hurry up and go see how your loved ones look, and you have to share because I did!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Applesauce, Apple pie, Apple chips, Apple Juice,...

What would you do with a million Apples?

My friend Mali has an apple tree that yeilded over 8 boxes of apples. On Tuesday after sweatin it up at volleyball we went over to Cathy Peterson's house and got busy making applesauce. We cut, cooked, and sieved too many apples to count. Thank goodness for Carrissa's Kitchen Aid attachment. I did one batch by hand the old fashioned way-it took way too long.

The kiddo's played dress up, and ate pizza. Cathy is the best about letting all the kids play at her house, she's so relaxed about it.

It was a lot of fun, and I feel like a pretty cool chick now that I've done some canning.

I would never do this by myself. It's way too much work, and would take forever. But standing around a kitchen with good friends makes a great day out of a billion apples. Thanks Ladies!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Penny the Dog

Meet our new little girl. Her name is Penny, and she is 4 months old. She is a Chiweini (part Chihuahua, part Dachshund) and so cute. We got her in early September from a friend who has Penny's brother Tucker. We saw Tucker a few times a week for about a month at Parker's football practices. He is such an awesome dog and Phoebe was just plain psycho for him. He had a wonderful demeanor, and let her carry him all over the place. I even found myself smitten with this little guy, and I don't like dogs. I said over and over, "If we could get a dog exactly like Tucker, then I would get a dog." Well, a few weeks later Kami (she's Tucker's mom) told me that she knew someone who had Tucker's sister and that it wasn't working out. They had a brand new 2 week old baby, and no time to house train. She spoke to them and they were willing to give the dog up. Whooo! I couldn't believe it! She gave us the dog two days later. Anyone who knows me would be very surprised to find out that I got our family a dog. It's something that I have been against for many years, kids keep me busy enough.

It happened to be the right dog at the right time. She is so cute and funny, and everyone loves her to pieces. I enjoy seeing the kids have a dog in their lives. She is spunky, and smart. She is a stinker, and a love bug. We have a good time with her, and are getting better on the house training. She has a different relationship with each of the kids. Her and Paxton are little adventure buddies. They will wander off in the back yard quicker than you can blink. It's funny that she won''t go off by herself, but as soon as Paxton comes outside the two of them are gone. With Pheebs, as well as with the Parker and Payton the two of them will curl up in a blanket and soak up a movie on the couch.

Penny is everything we are, all at the same time: she walks to school a mile and a half (which must seem like 50 to her little dachshund legs), is happy to waste a perfectly good afternoon in front of the TV with the kids, and is always ready and rearing to go for a backyard adventure.

I love that dog....

Monday, October 13, 2008

The perfect food

Dinner tonight was great! I decided to make my very own pizza crust, and it turned out pretty good. I loved working with the pizza dough.We had bar-b-que chicken for dinner last night, so to use up the left overs I made a bar-b-que chicken pizza. I also made a chicken and bacon (because if your an Appah you love bacon) pizza with red sauce and fresh basil spinkled on the crust. Here they are all dressed up and ready to cook. Lots of fresh, yummy toppings all found in my fridge. I just love it when I don't have to go to the store!

Cooked to perfection, beautiful! The kids all loved it! Phoebe said "Mom you're a pizza genius!" That's what five years at Pizza Hut earns you;).

Success! Smiles by the mile, leftovers gone! Cutie Pie faces! Yay for Pizza!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Saturday is a special day....

Oh, how I appreciate a good worthwile, productive Saturday. It was a good long day, and my muscles are sore. Parker had his football game first thing in the morning, only 25' to start the day off. So cold. I stayed home with the little one's and got some house cleaning done. Afterwards Jason and the big kids (plus the two Jarvie boys) came home and had a good hot lunch. Jason left to work on his truck, and I did yard work. I dead headed the entire front yard, and ripped out weed blocker in the back yard. -I want to work on the soil back there in the next couple of weeks so that I can start a garden this spring.- I split wood, alot of wood. I am a bad mamma jamma axe weilding woman; I have big calluses to prove it. Then Jason got out his chainsaw and we went to work on the trees in the back yard. There are a few trees that had branches getting too low.

We cleaned them up a bit, looks so much better. I love fall! Football, wood, yard work, dosen't get more fall than this.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Inspiration comes in a four year old...

I am going to give the blogging another attempt. Phoebe is my main inspiration for this. I find myself thinking several times a day"I need to write this down". She is so completly frustrating, and stubbonly difficult. But so darn funny and cute. She says things that make me look at her in wonder, just amazed at her little personality and brain. I love her and am grateful for her and her little Phoebeisms.

She is very musical, and loves to sing and make up songs. On our walk to school in the mornings she sings the whole way there. She sings in the car, and tonight sang all through dinner. She asks me " Mom, are you enjoying the music?" I say that I am, and I really mean it. I love to hear and watch her sing and dance. Just two words "Momma Mia". She could sing the heck out of that cd. It's just too cute, it makes up for all the "crazy Phoebe" that I have to experience several times a day.

So she has been going to pre school for about a month now. It's is so good for us to have a couple of hours away from eachother. It's fun for her to report to me about what things she did at school, and nice for me to hear about things that she is experiencing without me. She is a really good student and is very good to her teachers and classmates. She has begun to show a real intrest in writing. I bought her a little "Journal" book that she can write in. I was looking in it yesterday and came across a page that interested me. I asked her what it was and she told me. "Oh, those are my poops."

"What do you mean your poops?"

"They're pictures of my poops."

"Phoebe, why are you making pictures of your poops?"

"Just so I know, just in case."

"Just in case of what?"

"Just in case, see this one is fat, and this one is long, this one is really long, that one is skinny."

So, seeing my daughter document her poops inspired me to document my family. Thanks for helping me to see the importance of writing things down Phoebe.