Sunday, October 19, 2008

Applesauce, Apple pie, Apple chips, Apple Juice,...

What would you do with a million Apples?

My friend Mali has an apple tree that yeilded over 8 boxes of apples. On Tuesday after sweatin it up at volleyball we went over to Cathy Peterson's house and got busy making applesauce. We cut, cooked, and sieved too many apples to count. Thank goodness for Carrissa's Kitchen Aid attachment. I did one batch by hand the old fashioned way-it took way too long.

The kiddo's played dress up, and ate pizza. Cathy is the best about letting all the kids play at her house, she's so relaxed about it.

It was a lot of fun, and I feel like a pretty cool chick now that I've done some canning.

I would never do this by myself. It's way too much work, and would take forever. But standing around a kitchen with good friends makes a great day out of a billion apples. Thanks Ladies!


suzanne said...

Such fun - looks like you all had such a great time! Love the fall!

Dani said...

April- you look great! And apples are definitely a fall food for me. Sounds like you got your fill of them! :)

Tiffany Hewlett said...

I wish I could have gotten in on that! Has Carissa seen your blog-that pic is not flattering-ha ha-you better never post a pic like that of me!