Sunday, February 22, 2009

Good Friends

On Saturday we had a visit from our good friends the Jensen's. We just had a real low key visit. Kids and puppies played, then we went out to Dynasty for lunch. It was really yummy, and just right! The weather on Saturday was just amazing (we have been so spoiled this winter!) so we spent a good amount of time outside in the backyard with the kids and the dogs.

The just moved over to Medford in July and we see them about once a month, but the kids have just grown so much latley. Addie is really beginning to be less "cute", and more beautiful. Her look and personality are maturing so much! Lily is a real sweet little bug, and too funny! She turns 3 next month and is no longer a baby at all! Her pigtails are so long, and she is always singing, or saying something so funny. Harrison and Parker are such good buds. They have been best little friends since they were five years old. They'll both turn eleven this summer, almost six years. Unbelievable! It's so good for them to get to spend some time together.

Later we had dinner. Wings done 3 different ways, oven potatoes, and veggies with ranch. It was good. It was such a nice easy day, with good conversation and fun stories. We have been so grateful for the friendship we share with this wonderful family. I am happy that we can still get together and be a part of eachother's lives. This is Phoebe and Addie last year in thier ballet recietle costumes. Phoebe was a butterfly and Addie was a mouse! Too Cute.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Valentine's Dinner

This last Friday night we had our ward Valentine's dinner. It was adults only, and we ate off of people's personal place settings. The entire cultural hall was set up like a Chinese restaurant. It was just beautiful! We ( Suzanne, Tiffany, and I) spent about 5 hours the night before setting everything up. Rachel had to work so was limited to what she could help with. We had paper lanterns floating through the air on fishing line. We had white lights strung through the room as well. The lantern's were so pretty. We also had little kaboda's and Chinese lettering on the glass doors of the gym. It looked so great! We kept the harsh fluorescent lights off and had only lamps, and soft electric candle light. It was a transformed space. It totally reminded me of Top Chef restaurant wars! We would have totally won! The young women offered childcare, and the young men were our kitchen staff. They looked so handsome, and behaved amazingly. We have such great youth! The menu was egg drop soup, and a schezwan wrap (by Suzanne and Tiffany). Then main course was set out in chafing dishes. It was house fried rice-Suzanne, chicken chow mien and broccoli beef-by me. Then we were treated with an amazing performance by Suzanne's quartet. They are Chuck Hamilton, Suzanne Stewart, Christina Wehr, and Mr Lemiuex. They are so fun and enjoyable to watch. They have a blast, and make you smile uncontrollably. They sang a total of six songs, I wish they could have sang all night. After the performance dessert was served. They had a choice of Key-lime pie, or Angel food cake with lemon cream topping. Both were amazing- thanks Jodi and Tiffany- and homemade! It was such a great time. We had a wonderful turnout, and the atmosphere was just perfect. I loved the feeling of being in a wonderful, cozy, relaxed restaurant with my entire ward family. I wish we could do every weekend!
Chad and Tiff getting cozy;)

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Me, crafty?

Michael's craft store opened this week, and I am so happy. I have never really considered myself a crafty or creative person. Due largely in part to my bad break up with scrap booking a few years ago. It just made me feel inadequate. But, I may have to re-evalute my relationship with crafting in general. We could have a future.

I didn't have a spring decoration for my front door and had been looking for one that I liked for the last couple of years. I could never find anything that I liked in a price range I would go for (I'm super I'm thrifty;).
Anyhow thanks to Michael's I made my very own spring wreath for about five dollars! It's so me, and I love it! Michael's moving to town could very well be the beginning of a beautiful relationship for me and crafting.

Friday, February 6, 2009

What I really think about Jason

My husband is the best husband in the entire universe. He is so smart. He can do anything and everything. He builds car engines and computers. He can do anything in a house from electrical and plumbing, framing and drywall, installing windows or underground sprinklers, to cleaning and cooking. He is the hardest worker I have ever known. He is a one man juggling act. He works full time, doing the work of two people. He has been going to school forever and has two degrees, and is continuing on working on his masters. He serves his friends and neighbors. He is an awesome Dad to four children who adore him. He takes amazing care of his wife, always putting my needs first. Jason is the best person I know. He comes from a very difficult upbringing, and he has defied the odds. He is a most choice person and I am incredibly blessed to have been married to him for the past eleven years. It has by far been the best time of my life. Jason, you are my best friend, my confidant, my place of comfort. Thank you for always loving me, even through my worst moments you have never wavered. Being married to you is my favorite thing in the world. You are everything I need in a companion. I want to be with you forever. Happy anniversary. 
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