Sunday, February 15, 2009

Valentine's Dinner

This last Friday night we had our ward Valentine's dinner. It was adults only, and we ate off of people's personal place settings. The entire cultural hall was set up like a Chinese restaurant. It was just beautiful! We ( Suzanne, Tiffany, and I) spent about 5 hours the night before setting everything up. Rachel had to work so was limited to what she could help with. We had paper lanterns floating through the air on fishing line. We had white lights strung through the room as well. The lantern's were so pretty. We also had little kaboda's and Chinese lettering on the glass doors of the gym. It looked so great! We kept the harsh fluorescent lights off and had only lamps, and soft electric candle light. It was a transformed space. It totally reminded me of Top Chef restaurant wars! We would have totally won! The young women offered childcare, and the young men were our kitchen staff. They looked so handsome, and behaved amazingly. We have such great youth! The menu was egg drop soup, and a schezwan wrap (by Suzanne and Tiffany). Then main course was set out in chafing dishes. It was house fried rice-Suzanne, chicken chow mien and broccoli beef-by me. Then we were treated with an amazing performance by Suzanne's quartet. They are Chuck Hamilton, Suzanne Stewart, Christina Wehr, and Mr Lemiuex. They are so fun and enjoyable to watch. They have a blast, and make you smile uncontrollably. They sang a total of six songs, I wish they could have sang all night. After the performance dessert was served. They had a choice of Key-lime pie, or Angel food cake with lemon cream topping. Both were amazing- thanks Jodi and Tiffany- and homemade! It was such a great time. We had a wonderful turnout, and the atmosphere was just perfect. I loved the feeling of being in a wonderful, cozy, relaxed restaurant with my entire ward family. I wish we could do every weekend!
Chad and Tiff getting cozy;)


Tiffany Hewlett said...

Thanks for the fun weekend-it was crazy, busy and perfect I couldn't think of doing anything much more fun than that-it was really satisfying to see everything come together and then to be able to just hang out and eat cake at the end of it-perfection!

jamieschip said...

Okay, I'm super jealous! Miss Creative over here! The party sounds amazing. Our ward has maybe 2 activities a year and they are not that involved. Maybe you should move out to SL and show them how it's done!