Friday, December 31, 2010

2010 Wrap up!

Blogging has taken a back seat for the last few months, and since the year is going to end in a few hours I thought it would be a good opportunity to list off the highlights of the remainder of 2010.

Payton and her Roosevelt soccer team.

Parker's first temple trip at the Medford temple.

Phoebe and Paxton at "trick or street"

Payton, Parker, Paxton, & Phoebe

Payton turned 10!  Her with her birthday breakfast, apple crepe. 

She also had a "spatacular" birthday party with her best friends.  Rachel & I gave all the girls glitter toe pedicures and facials.  I also made each of the girls a satin eye mask in their goody bags.  They were some very pampered young ladies.

We had swim lessons,
And Jr. High football.

Parker graduated elementary school.

Phoebe graduated pre school

Payton and her dance team.

Phoebe and her tap class.

Georgia Bowlby's came to visit.

Oregon Coast 

and the "Redwoods".

Tidepools...caught lots of hermit crabs.

April's last year as Girls Camp Director

But gets to go back next year as the Youth Camp Leader!

Jacci came home from a 19 month mission.

Had a fun Christmas out at the cabin with lots of snowmobiling!  

Happy New Year!  We hope that 2011 brings as many blessings as2010 did.