Sunday, November 30, 2008


My family had a nice low key Thanksgiving day. We went out to Jason's parents cabin and had a nice dinner with just our family and his parents. No other siblings could make it this year so it was really quiet around the house. The weather was beautiful, and Penny and Chya (their 170 lb Samoyed) had fun playing together. We left after dinner for our friends the Jensen's in Medford to stay the night there. It was great to see them, and the kids were so happy to visit. Phoebe had been talking about her sleepover with Addie for a couple of weeks!

As I sit and reflect on the blessings in my life many things come to mind. I am thankful for the privileged life that I live. I am thankful for the rights that are afforded me in this great nation. The freedom of religion, equal rights, safety, the ability to better myself with education, and information. I am grateful for those who have sacrificed so much to see that I enjoy this life. I am thankful for a God that knows and loves me. That knows and loves my husband and children. I am so grateful for the fullness of the gospel, the knowledge that I have and the faith that I am able to exercise. I am grateful for a husband who is an amazing partner, who loves me unconditionally. I am thankful for four amazing, beautiful children. I am thankful for wonderful friends who inspire and surprise me. I am thankful for our parents, and for the love and guidance they extend to us. I know that I am very blessed, and am thankful that my heart is full.


For about ten days this last month we had Penny's litter-mate brother Tucker stay with us. Our friends Eric and Holly Jensen were going to adopt him, so we fostered him until he could be placed with them. It was a very interesting journey for me in particular. Tucker was the reason we got Penny in the first place. We met him, and Phoebe went nuts for that puppy. He had such an awesome disposition, and was so cute that we all loved the idea of having a puppy just like him. We have had Penny for about 3 months now, and love her to pieces. Taking in Tucker for a while, didn't seem like it would be a big deal so we were happy to do it. It ended up being a big adjustment for him. He was not used to sleeping by himself, so the first few nights were pretty rocky. Two not completely house broken puppies was some work also. All in all though it was a really great experience. The first three days were low key, the middle four days were..."would you please hurry up and come get your dog", and the last three days were, "maybe they'll change their mind and we can just keep him".

I have never been a big animal person, but that little guy had a big impact on me. He is such a love bug, and really melted my heart. He and Penny had so much fun together, I was terribly worried for her when he left. She was a little depressed for a couple of days, but we spoiled her back into happiness. They came over and took him home on Monday. I was so sad, I had to call Monday evening and see how he was doing. On Thursday (Thanksgiving) we got to go over to the Jensen's. The puppies were reunited, and so happy. They are so cute and funny together. Tucker has completely settled in, and is even allowed on the couch. He's a lucky dog. We miss him, but it's nice to have things back to normal and know he's with a family who loves him.

My sick birthday girl.

Payton had her eighth birthday on the twenty first. We had alot of things planned for this momentous event, including her first sleepover birthday party. The morning of her party she woke up at 5am, and threw up. A few days before the rest of the kids, and I had a stomach virus. I was pretty sure that's what she had. She really wanted to try to go to school and continue with the day. I took them all to school at 8:30, and was back down there to get her at 9:30. She had thrown up in the office. So we had to call all her friends and cancel her party. Poor girl was so sick on her birthday that she couldn't even have cake:(. I rented her four movies, and bought lots of apple juice and sprite. We told her no big deal, in four days her best friend Eva would have her sleepover birthday party with the exact same friends. It would be just like hers would have been. That consoled her through the weekend. Come Tuesday and we were all ready for her to go to Eva's birthday. Tuesday she came downstairs around 4am complaining of a sore throat, and an ear ache. She was running a fever, so we gave her some Motrin and sent her back to sleep. Around 2pm the school secretary calls me again,I swear I talk to her twice a day. She says Payton is running a fever of 103', and really in sad shape. I pick her up from school, and take her right to the Dr's office. Sure enough she has strep throat. This little gal just can't catch a break. She misses the party, and is in pain for the next 24 hours. Yucky medicine, headache, chills, fever. I felt so sorry for her. Such a sad birthday week. Good news is she is doing much better, and had her health to be thankful for on thanksgiving.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Family Pics

We went out yesterday with Sarah and Matt Teeples to take some pictures. It was a beautiful day. The little one's and I had a stomach virus, and Jason had a "little trailer accident" about ten minutes before we were supposed to be there. I look like a hot mess in these, and Parker is making beaver teeth in almost every picture( I will kill him later). Paxton was not in the mood for sitting and smiling, which is why there are no single shots of him. We were horrible subjects to say the least. Sarah and Matt were really patient, and did a great job. Thanks for spending your time and talents with us.

Happy Halloween 2008

This year Halloween was great! Thursday evening we had our ward party at church put on by the primary. It was great! Fun games and yummy food. Friday night we had our friends the Hewlett's over for dinner, and then went trick or treating around the neighborhood. It was wonderful weather, which is rare here in Klamath. We got to see loads of friends out on Pacific Terrace in their costumes. Everyone had a great time. Later when we got home the kiddo's watched the "Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown", and the adults watched "The Hulk". Tiffany and I agreed not such a great movie. Good times, and good friends, and loads of candy. It was a successful evening. No picture of Paxton, he's not letting me get any latley:(.

Football's over; Basketball begins!

Football season is over!! The Ducks came in Fourth Place, and their final game was a great one. They lost the game, but as far as all of us parents were concerened they won! Two touchdowns were called off on technicals. It was frustrating, but those kids played awesome! It was a good experience for all of us to support Parker in this. I'm sure he'll wan't to play again next year.
Now onto Basketball! The city schools start basketball for the kids in fifth grade. It's fun to watch the boys in Parker's class work together playing as a team. Parker is enjoying himself, and keeping busy. It's been good for his grades also. I'm so proud of him!

Bricco's Visit

I was up to my elbow's in dishes when I hear my front door open at 6pm the other Saturday evening. A familar "Hello?" To our great suprise it was the Bricco's! It's been almost two years since they moved to Wyoming. Their nephew's baptisim was Halloween weekend, and they made a quick trip out to attend. It was so great to sit and catch up. It's awesome to have friends that you can just pick right up with. The kids had a great time getting to see eachother also. I got to meet their new little guy Jetrin, whom I am completly in love with. He is the cutest, funniest little baby. Such a snuggle bug. We didn't get to spend a whole lot of time with them, but we were so happy that they came to see us in their busy weekend. It meant so much to all of us Appah's. They are incredible examples to us, and we are happy to see the great blessings that this family is recieving. I feel rejuvinated after spending time with Amy, and am excited for all the amazing things on the horizon! We miss you, and hope to be able to visit!