Sunday, November 30, 2008

My sick birthday girl.

Payton had her eighth birthday on the twenty first. We had alot of things planned for this momentous event, including her first sleepover birthday party. The morning of her party she woke up at 5am, and threw up. A few days before the rest of the kids, and I had a stomach virus. I was pretty sure that's what she had. She really wanted to try to go to school and continue with the day. I took them all to school at 8:30, and was back down there to get her at 9:30. She had thrown up in the office. So we had to call all her friends and cancel her party. Poor girl was so sick on her birthday that she couldn't even have cake:(. I rented her four movies, and bought lots of apple juice and sprite. We told her no big deal, in four days her best friend Eva would have her sleepover birthday party with the exact same friends. It would be just like hers would have been. That consoled her through the weekend. Come Tuesday and we were all ready for her to go to Eva's birthday. Tuesday she came downstairs around 4am complaining of a sore throat, and an ear ache. She was running a fever, so we gave her some Motrin and sent her back to sleep. Around 2pm the school secretary calls me again,I swear I talk to her twice a day. She says Payton is running a fever of 103', and really in sad shape. I pick her up from school, and take her right to the Dr's office. Sure enough she has strep throat. This little gal just can't catch a break. She misses the party, and is in pain for the next 24 hours. Yucky medicine, headache, chills, fever. I felt so sorry for her. Such a sad birthday week. Good news is she is doing much better, and had her health to be thankful for on thanksgiving.

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