Sunday, May 24, 2009

Friday, May 15, 2009

How do you spell summer?

Warm summer days are upon us. We spent the day at the park with friends and I caught some pictures of these beautiful babies. Brent's first wartermelon....yum!

Nothing says summer more than being outside in a diaper. Such a pretty girl Macie is.

Manly Men

A few weeks ago Jason and Chad got to work on our new fence. It has become a neccesity since Paxton has decided that he would rather be anywhere but our house or yard. He's quite the escape artist.They worked most of the day with this huge ogger to put in the posts for the fence. It was a workout. You can even see thier muscles flexing!
Jason was a little bit out of breath after this one. Tyler and Parker helped out with some of the hard labor as well.Penny was tuckered out after watching all of that work happening.

Hoses, and Mud Pies

Every year it seems we have a freakishly hot day in April. This last month we had two days of 80'weather. It was a great excuse to get the swim suits out and play in the yard! Paxton got to man the hose and isn't scared to get himself and everyone else wet!

That is pure joy on my little man's face.
Bekah is just beautiful, even with mud all over her.

Phoebe and Bekah are such good little friends, they have so much fun together.
Porter just observed all of the water/mudd/jumping crazieness. Cutie Pie.Christoper is a silly boy.

We had a great time taking advantage of the hot day.

Easter Fun

Easter 2009 was a good weekend. We went over to the Hewlett's house for an egg hunt with a bunch of our friends.Paxton was not the most competitive egg hunter. He only got about seven eggs. He then went over to the fence and pushed all seven of his eggs into the neighbors yard. Don't really think he got the idea this year.He did get the idea of the trampoline though, him and Phoebe bounced all over the place.Then I fed Porter his very first "spring oreo". This kid is a huge eater, and he likes the oreo!