Monday, September 20, 2010

Camp Ester Applegate "Minute to Win it" birthday blast!

Phoebe had been planning her 6th birthday party for about 9 months.  She was dead set on having it at "Lake of the Woods" one of her favorite places in the world.  And she would invite all of her friends, and they would go camping.  So, we made up invites and asked people to come and camp with us....and they did!  We decided to have a "Minute to win it" party since we were having both kids and adults.  We planned a ton of games.   First though we had some canoeing, some food, and some super yummy cupcakes!  We had lots of friends come up, along with the Garcia's and my parents.  The Jensen's come over from Medford too. Here is Chad amazing us at the "Chocolate Unicorn".  Notice the reactions of the Davis boys, this was intense stuff!Craig thought that Jane required a little assistance with her tower.  Parker working on his stack.Nicky worked really hard at "Bite Me"  The Dad's did "Bobble Head".  Craig was a "Rock Star" and totally dominated this one.  Ask him if his neck hurt the next morning while he was picking pears.Macie wasn't sure what Jason was doing and was grabbing his neck...So funny!The next pictures are from "Face the Cookie".  I hope you all will still be my friends after these pictures.  They are too funny to not share!And now there's one of me to even the score.  We had such a fun time up at the lake with our friends, thank you all for coming.  Hope we can do it again next year!

Phoebe's Summer 2010!

Graduated Pre School!

Lost her very 1st tooth!
Turned Six!
Had the best birthday party of her life!

Started Kindergarten, wow! What a fantastic summer!