Friday, February 6, 2009

What I really think about Jason

My husband is the best husband in the entire universe. He is so smart. He can do anything and everything. He builds car engines and computers. He can do anything in a house from electrical and plumbing, framing and drywall, installing windows or underground sprinklers, to cleaning and cooking. He is the hardest worker I have ever known. He is a one man juggling act. He works full time, doing the work of two people. He has been going to school forever and has two degrees, and is continuing on working on his masters. He serves his friends and neighbors. He is an awesome Dad to four children who adore him. He takes amazing care of his wife, always putting my needs first. Jason is the best person I know. He comes from a very difficult upbringing, and he has defied the odds. He is a most choice person and I am incredibly blessed to have been married to him for the past eleven years. It has by far been the best time of my life. Jason, you are my best friend, my confidant, my place of comfort. Thank you for always loving me, even through my worst moments you have never wavered. Being married to you is my favorite thing in the world. You are everything I need in a companion. I want to be with you forever. Happy anniversary. 
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suzanne said...

Tear running down my cheeks.........I love that you love the marriage club as much as me! It's just the best! Happy Anniversary!

Tiffany Hewlett said...

So sweet! You guys are too too cute! I love both of your faces, and wish you all the happiness in the world. Happy Anniversary!