Friday, December 26, 2008

A perfect, perfect Christmas eve

On Tuesday we had a wonderful Christmas eve. It was the most beautiful snowy day, just inspiring. Our friends the Hewlett's came over for sledding. We went to the empty lot just up the street from our house. It's a good hill, and close so the little one's can go inside while the big kids can keep having fun. Phoebe and her friend Becka didn't enjoy the sledding so much. It's not a suprise for the kids to start crying after getting cold, or crashing. But I took this picture of Phoebe literally one minute after we got out there. I couln't figure out what her problem was.So DRAMATIC! Christoper was a great sledder! He and Jason getting ready to race!

I went down with Payton, racing against Parker. We caught some serious air, wo-hoo!

After sledding we had hot chocolate, and a fondue dinner! Later in the evening we opened pajamas with kids, and watched Mr Krugger's Christmas. It was a perfect day!


tystrishy said...

Looks like so much fun...How was your Christmas?

Laurens_Closet said...

Hello! Thanks for stopping by & commenting on my blog, again... It was so nice to meet you at the wedding reception although it was so dark & there were so many people & you were so busy~ I didn't get to say a proper hello! I hope I bump into you, again!!! Your blog is beautiful~ maybe we can get together with our little kids, sometime. Do you ever go to the indoor soccer fields to let'em run? How old are your smallest kids? I guess I'd just love to talk with you sometime, outside of our blogs! : )

Email me, anytime, if you're interested in meeting at the soccer fields or something!

Amy : )

The Duckworth Family said...

hey april, I hope you are feeling better, it's so not fun being the sick one! Take care of yourself and get better!