Thursday, December 25, 2008

Where's the ice cream?

I came home late from shopping the other night. I opened the freezer to put away some groceries and asked Jason

" Did you guys eat all the ice cream while I was gone?"

"No, I had a big bowl, but there was still come left."

"Well it's not in here."

We spent the next ten minutes looking for the melting ice cream. Jason very often puts things in odd places while his attention is focused elsewhere. He constantly looses his keys and wallet. It would not suprise me at all if we found the ice cream in the cubord where he got the bowl out, or in the bathroom where he had to go and help a kid out. So we searched all over the whole house. It was driving me nuts to not know where this mess was melting. I went to recheck the boys room, I pulled back the covers on Paxton's bed, and found this. He was covered in chocolate peanut butter ice cream. I also found an apple between his bed and the wall. Evidently he likes to dine in bed


tystrishy said...

Hahahahahahaha! Only so funny cause I didn't have to clean it up. That's just hilarious. What a cutie.

Summer said...

That is hilarious!