Tuesday, October 21, 2008


So I just spent the last hour on yearbookyourself.com. It is the funniest thing, I have seen in a long time. I dare you to not do it.

Bare with me here, Ilike to keep this in couples where possible. He goes to a right handed barber, and I go to a left handed barber.

I can't get a date to the sock hop, on account of my right eyelash is freakishly long, and I have combination skin...so sad:(

I just think I look cute in these.

Nice cute 60's do. Very Jackie O.

Hey sistah Soul sistah, let me hear ya flow sistah

I'm lovin the shirt and the feathers.

This is awesome! I think Jason peed his pants. And Chris had this hair cut in his senior pictures...heee.

So are you thinking it too, I should really go blonde.

Hold that thought...these dark curls are looking pretty tight. I really look like my sister Bonnie here.

Don't be hatin on the "Crimmper". I can do your banges too if you like.

I think we've found the perfect couple for our "Breck shampoo add".

Saving the best for last...back off ladies he's ALL mine. Big Pappa;). Now hurry up and go see how your loved ones look, and you have to share because I did!


Sarah Teeples said...

Hillarious!!!!! April, that is down right funny!
Thanks for the laugh so early in the day!

Sara said...

Those are AWESOME! I am so doing that! HILLARIOUS!