Saturday, July 18, 2009

Fourth of July 2009

This year for the Fourth of July we had a pretty busy day. We started off at the pancake breakfast and flag raising down at the church. Joann Hobbs did a wonderful reading. My Mom and sister Bonnie came down for two days because Nicky was baptized on the Fourth.
After the baptism in the afternoon everyone rested. We met back at the Garcia's house with the Hewlett family to have bar-b-que and watch the fireworks.
We were able to set off our own fireworks in the street, since they live on a dead end. Jason had all the kids dancing, and being goofy. They all had a great time!
Here they are doing toe touches now. Almost looks like an aerobics class.Posted by Picasa
After the fireworks, we got out the sparklers. Jason takes these pictures because they are his favorite. They have some pretty neat effects.

Phoebe & Paxton

Bekah and Ryeleigh showing off their sparkling talent!
This one is fun, because there is about 4 kids in there. You have to look hard for them.

After the sparklers we went down to the end of their street to the edge of the baseball fields to watch the city fireworks. It was the perfect place! After the show we were walking back to the house facing the hill that we live on. All of a sudden we saw a huge fire start burning. We all stopped and realized that that fire was right where our house is. Jason hopped in the car and raced up the hill towards the house while I dialed 911. Jason got up to the house, and luckily the fire was one house away in some juniper trees on the street. No property damage, except some trees and brush. The fire department got the fire out very quick. It was a little scary, it looked so huge. I even had someone who was out at the Wal-Mart parking lot watching the fireworks see the fire. She said it was huge from there, and could even tell it was near our house. The house was really smokey, but cleared out overnight. There was ash all over the cars. Pretty exciting day. We were very blessed to have everything be okay. I am thankful for the blessing to have been born in this great country. I am grateful for the privilege to raise my children, especially my daughters in this country. I appreciate my freedoms, and I am indebted to those who have secured it. God bless America.
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