Monday, August 31, 2009

Boy Heaven

Parker and Harrison get to spend a few days together every summer with Harrison's grandparents Mike and Diane. It has been dubbed "Boy Heaven". It's three days of video gaming, junk food eating, fun place visiting time together. Rules don't really exist during these visits, and the three of them (Mike, Harrison, and Parker) have way too much fun together.

This year they wen't camping on the Applegate river. The boys got to fish in Mike's aluminum boat, swim, jump off of very big rocks, and eat at at yummy resturants. The boys about drove everyone crazy with their discussions of the car company they plan to open after college. These two are very into cars right now. They discuss things at great length, with much detail. It's amazing that these two have been best little buds since they were 5. That's almost seven years!
It will be interesting to watch their friendship continue to grow over the next few years. All in all it was a great trip, and a wonderful tradition that I am so grateful that the Oliver's continue to include Parker in.

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