Tuesday, August 18, 2009

My Pheebs

Today was Phoebe's fifth birthday! What a huge milestone five is. So many things happen at five, you start school, you start loosing teeth, you learn to read and write. Five is a pretty big deal. For Phoebe's special day we did some pretty fun stuff. For breakfast we had waffles, her favorite. Then we gave Phoebe all of her gifts. It was so fun to watch her open everything, she was so grateful for all the clothes, and toys she received. I made her cake, before it got too hot. It was 95' on her birthday. After getting dressed and ready Phoebe and I left for some shopping. We met up with dad at "Ick Donalds" for lunch. After lunch with dad, Phoebe and I went and picked up her friend Bekah to go out for some birthday ice cream. I took the girls to Dairy Queen for a little lady treat, then we went back to our house for a play date. When we got home I had planned on frosting Phoebe's cake. Paxton had other ideas, he really likes cake. He ate over half of that thing! It was so hot, I couldn't stand the thought of turning the oven back on. So....we frosted the half eaten cake, Phoebe was just fine with it. Such a trooper! The Garcia's and Hewlett's came over for some half there cake.
Jason had to go over to the pear farm in Medford with the youth, so I made plans with Holly to come over with just Phoebe and have a little celebration with the Jensen's. Amazing Holly whipped up some yummy cupcakes, and a divine dinner for us. Phoebe got to have a super fun play date with Lily. Afterwards at the pear farm she got to see her Nana and Papa, and all of Keno branch sang "Happy Birthday" to her. She had a great birthday, and got to spend the whole day being super special getting one on one time with mom and dad.

Phoebe is my favorite five year old girl in the whole world. She has the quirkiest sense of humor, and constantly keeps us laughing. She loves music, dancing, swimming, riding bikes, cutting hair and her dog Penny. She is sweet, and thoughtful. She is kind to her friends, and is generous in so many ways. She is frustrating beyond belief, and stubborn. She is strong willed and confident in her own skin. She is beautiful, and the most fun person to hang out with that I know. I am in awe of her, and know that I am blessed to be the mother of such a special girl.

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jana said...

I can't believe she is 5. You were pregnant with her when we left. Boy time flies. Your children are getting so big and they are beautiful. I sure miss Klamath Falls and all my friends. I would move back in a heart beat.