Friday, September 4, 2009


Friday evening we met up with Nana & Papa for a ball game at Giants stadium. AT&T ball park is beautiful. It is very clean, and we have never had a bad seat there. The Giants played and beat the Colorado Rockies. It was a slow game until the 6th inning, when it finally picked up and got really fun. Friday night games are my favorite ones. They're usually full, and everyone is in good spirits. Parker and Payton had a really fun time. Grandpa Pat took them down to the field while practice was going on and they both caught fly balls! That was pretty cool. They were friendly and talkative with all of their neighbors, it was so cute to watch. Phoebe and Paxton had a really long day and were exhausted. The game didn't start until 7pm, so anticipating the meltdown we came prepared.

Before the game we walked all over the stadium. The kids got to go down the Coke a Cola bottle slide.

We walked down by the field, and ate lots of yummy ball park food. The little ones lasted until about the 4th inning. Jason brought in his mini laptap loaded up with cartoons for the little ones to watch. It worked like a charm. When they got too tired to handle the situation we took that out, and hooked them up. It made it so that we were able to sit and enjoy the game, and one of us wasn't out walking around with a screaming child.

The game was great, and since it was so hot during the day it didn't get cold at all that evening.

After the game got out, we left San Fransisco over the Bay Bridge and drove north.

We stayed the night in Fairfield, and headed home the next morning. It was such a great week! We had a great time making memories, seeing new things, and spending time together.

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