Friday, September 4, 2009

Pax Man

Happy 3rd Birthday Paxton! Some things about Paxton from the summer of 2009

*Rides a big boy bicycle with training wheels

*Loves playing the computer

*Is a little scary at how much he know about the computer

*Is talking more clearly than he was a couple of months ago

*Started pre-school this year. (Due to speech issues)

*Tells Penny to "Sit", "Lay down"& Penny actually listens

*Loves Parker more than anybody, he's an amazing big bro

*Say's to his daddy every morning "Hi Mommy", it just cracks me up.

*Loves Diego and Dora

*Loves going swimming

*Still want's to be carried a lot, he's the baby.

*Screams very high when he get's upset, we're working on that.

*Broke our Wii

*Is really great at all things mechanical (he is his father's son)

*Snores, (he is his Grandpa Jim's grandson)

*Is begining to say prayers, love it.

1 comment:

Payton said...

Working on it? These things are still going on! And he is like what five? I never saw this post...